Quick and Easy DVD Creation
Hawkeye simplifies creating custom DVD mixes with minimal knowledge. You can import various titles/chapters from a DVD while shrinking file size, yielding minimal quality loss. Hawkeye employs a wide range of codec support, with one click solutions to prepare almost anything for DVD creation.
The ripping, mixing and burning done with your favorite tunes are a snap with their DVD counterparts. Compile all your favorite episodes from different seasons onto 1 disc. Mix and match scenes and episodes for a “best of” disc. Easily choose what title, chapters, or even just a time frame to mix.
Produce a custom menu of your own design. Choose only the languages you want. Preserve precious file space by requantizing video with minimal quality loss. Experience unicode support for filenames and DVD titles. hawkeye just works.
File Support
Hawkeye seamlessly converts any video collection to the proper format, facilitating painless DVD creation. Several popular formats such as AVI, MPEG-4, MPEG-1, H.264, XviD, and even most WMV files are all supported.
Video Conversion
DVD output not your goal? Fear not! Hawkeye also converts DVD's and files into a variety of formats for your digital devices. Enjoy support for the iPod with video, PSP®, SVCD, AVI, MP4, Final Cut Pro (DV), and several cellular phones with video playback support. PSP® devices mount directly in hawkeye! Simply drag and drop a DVD title or file to the PSP® and it will transfer the video, even converting beforehand if necessary! Savor great looking video on your PSP® with unprecedented ease.
Convert between NTSC & PAL
Wrong region? No region free DVD player? No problem! Convert collections from NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC with ease. Infinitesimal quality loss while converting between DVD regions. Blazing fast conversion with 1 click implementation.
First class Support
All email and support is handled in-house. No question goes un-answered, no feature request is ignored. If it can be done easily, it will be done in a matter of days.
Minimum Requirements

• Mac OS 10.4.6
• Preferred CPU: G4
• DVD-ROM for DVD playback/import
• DVD±R for DVD burning
• QuickTime MPEG-2 component for MPEG-2 playback
• Lots of free disk space

More Information